Why Choose Floating Hardwood?

Installation of a floating hardwood floor is a very fast and easy project! In most cases, there are no staples, nails, or glue involved in the installation process. All of the boards fit into one another with a "tongue-and-groove" design that allows them to easily fit tightly together.


Customarily floating hardwood floors can only be installed using engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is comprised of multiple layers of durable humidity and heat resistant wood that has has enhanced stability compared to solid hardwood.

The Perfect Way To Bring The Basement To Life!

Floating hardwood floors allow you to capture the beauty of genuine hardwood flooring in areas that are prone to moisture or frequent temperature changes, where solid hardwood flooring would not be recommended. With a floating hardwood installation, the boards will respond to temperature adjustments and humidity by expanding toward the walls or contracting away from them.




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