Top Of The Line Handmade Carpets

Berber Carpets are fully handmade carpets made with a wide variety of materials like Nylon, Olefin Fiber, and Wool. These handmade carpet are highly durable and are often found in offices, schools and other areas with high foot traffic.

Traditional Handmade Carpets

Modern Carpets

Berber Carpet is portrayed in two different ways. Traditional Berber Carpet is handmade and usually homemade and consists of cultural designs and are typically made up of all natural materials and include cultural designs.


Traditional Berber Carpets are known for their strong geometric designs, and have been dated them as far back as the Merinid era.

All modern Berber carpets are fully made up of nylon, olefin, fiber, and wool. Berber carpet is mainly found inside of schools and other high foot traffic areas.


Berber Carpets are fully stain resistant and are generally more affordable than thicker plush carpets.




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